Success Stories


Lovely OTTB Amalthea (now "Ella") was adopted by Lindsey of New York in November 2019! We're excited to see how this youngster progresses.

Midnight Star

"Midnight Star" (aka "Blackie") is a black 18-year-old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse mare. She is naturally gaited and super smooth. Congrats to Lauren and Paul for the adoption of Midnight Star on 1/28/20.

Feeling Super

Feeling Super was adopted on December 6, 2019. Our lovely girl won the lottery finding a wonderful family to call her own. Congratulations to the Hise Family!


Congrats to Prince on being adopted!

Winter 2020


Toblerone "Toby" is a Tennesse Walker Paint who Lifeline rescued from a killpen in September 2018. After a month in quarantine, we brought Toby home and started his rehabilitation. He was sick and thin when we got him, but with rehab and training, he quickly became a favorite for many in the barn. He was always the first to greet you at the gate and check all of your pockets for a treat. Toby was adopted and transported to his forever home on 4/30/19!


Koda is an aged Quarter Horse type mare rescued by Lifeline on June 20, 2017. Koda was found at a killpen in Pennsylvania. When we got her she was very underweight and several of her teeth were rotting, most likely due to malnutrition. She had a dental abscess which burst, but was seen by an equine dentist and a vet and made a full recovery. Koda found her forever home in April of 2018.


Moonspell is a 2012 OTTB gelding by Great Notion. He raced for 4 years with 26 starts. He ran well but was starting to be raced more frequently with little rest between races. In December of 2018 we were contacted and asked if we would take him if he was retired from the track. We agreed and waited anxiously while he ran his last race, and won it. He was sore and spent at that point and we were relieved that the trainer kept his word and allowed his to retire from the track. Moonspell was given down time at a farm in Howard County, Maryland over the winter and came to Lifeline in the Spring of 2019. Moonspell serves as an Ambassador to the rescue and is a favorite in our therapy program. 

Lady Bug and Theodore

Congratulations to Theodore and Ladybug on being adopted to a wonderful family! Today they arrived at their new home with Amis. We wish them all the best!

Spring 2020

Daily News "River"

Congrats to Emma on the adoption of River! 

Spring 2020

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