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A fine art print from the original graphite drawing depicts the emotionally intense meeting of two ex-racehorse mares and a foal.  The mare wearing the halter was rescued from a killpen and brought to Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation where she was immediately greeted and consoled by her future soulmate.  The innocent and inquisitive foal is a witness to this instant and heartwarming bonding.  You will be able to look at this extraordinary artwork again and again and each time find a new interpretation of the emotions expressed by the “Rescued”.  Is it relief, joy, anguish, a fear of the unknown or a dread of the possibility of another separation? 


RESCUED, fine art print, signed by artist Jocelyn Sandor Urban,  20 x 24”, paper size 24 x 28”  $250.00


RESCUED, the original graphite drawing, 28 x 34”, framed to 34 x 40”, by Jocelyn Sandor Urban, is also for sale for $10,000.00

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“Brightly Shinning,” The Horse That Nobody Wanted” is based on the true story of a beautiful red thoroughbred mare, sent to an auction in Maryland with no good outcome in sight. As she was tearing down her stall, there was only one person who showed any interest in her. He took her home to his farm and very slowly gained her trust as a result of the consistent care provided for her. Slowly, very slowly she responded to her new owner. Under his training and care Brightly Shining developed into a confident performer displaying her sweet personality to all. With the support of her trainer she took home many awards and in short time qualified and was part of the Washington International Horse Show. Quite a story for a mare considered to have been spent and of little use to anyone. Another example of Love changing everything.

This lovely original oil painting was donated by local artist Marty Spence. It is framed and sized at 20" x 24" and is available for $450. 

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